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Muscle Moods Video MMHB-01

2005 Her Biceps Arm Wrestling Tournament

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You can instantly download The HerBiceps.com Female Arm Wrestling Tournament at our download partner Utopia Entertainment.

HerBiceps.com teams up with MuscleMoods.com to bring you an instant classic. The HerBiceps.com 2005 Arm Wrestling Tournament pitted some of your favorite female bodybuilders, fitness and figure competitors against each other in a double elimination arm wrestling competition. This tournament is as real as it gets because it was run by world-renown professional women’s arm wrestling champion Tamara Mitts. She lends her expertise to the women for arm wrestling instruction and brings her crew which includes 2 referees. The tournament featured two classes, lightweight and heavyweight, with 13 total competitors in addition to the two female professionals. Some of the amateur and professional female bodybuilders, fitness and figure athletes include: Steph Park, Julie Lohre, Rebekah Kresila, Angie Semsch, Amanda Swallow, Allison Jones, Camala Brooke, Shelly Yakimchuk, Ruthie Lucchesi and many more. There are eight more male vs. female and all female challenge matches included on the tape along with plenty of flexing and candid interviews. Professionally produced, directed and edited 4 total cameras allow for multiple angles from which to view all the awesome arm wrestling action. Stereo sound, the total running time is 45 action packed minutes.



Amanda vs Melissa

Amanda vs Stephanie


Angie vs Shelly


The Start!

Julie vs Allison


Mike vs Tamara


Rebekah vs Stephanie


Pro Girls Match

Tamara Teaching